Books for the Struggling Reader


In general, teachers can find appropriate books for students K-3 who are struggling. However, once students reach 4th grade and beyond, and are still reading at the K-3 level, there are very few books  that appeal to them because the content is too babyish. This is a list of book series call “High Interest, Low Vocabulary” books which give students a sense of accomplishment with either independent or instructional level reading. If you are going to use Hi/Lo books for adults, please check the content to make sure the main characters are actually adults (fiction).

Generally publishers will give you a Reading Level–which is the ability level for the student and an Interest Level–the age group that would be interested in the content and subject matter. Sometimes a publisher will just say “Recommended for Ages: 11-18+” It’s very important to find the right interest level; otherwise, you may have students who can’t relate to the content.  I have used most of these series for adolescent or adult readers and have been very pleased with the material.

Follet Educational Series  1-800-621-4272

High Noon Books  1-800-422-7249

Start-to-Finish Library: Don Johnston  1-800-999-4660

Capstone Divisions  1-800-747-4992

Jamestown Education/Glencoe   1-800-344-7344

Saddleback Educational Publishing  1-800-647-8715

Wieser Educational: Resources for Struggling Learners  1-800-880-4433

Perfection Learning  1-800-831-4190

Remedia Publications  1-800-826-4740

HIP Books  1-877-562-6602

Hameray Publishing Group  1-866-918-6173

Orca Book Publishers  1-800-210-5227



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