Ann Gavazzi

Reading specialist and English teacher with a particular interest in treatment of dyslexia. Also interested in education and education policy at large and current reading research. Owner of the Reading Innovations Center, a tutoring center that specializes in one-to-one tutoring for struggling readers and math students.
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Reading Fluency and a Misguided Intervention

CURRENTLY I am working with a student who has an auditory processing disorder and struggles quite a bit with reading. He’s made quite a bit of progress and I’m confident he will be a strong reader in a few years. His fluency is not the best, but it has improved owing to using Orton Gillingham … Continue reading

They Have Bigger Fish to Fry–Why Basic Student Needs Are Ignored

Today I was talking to a tutor about why a particular student was making a gross error in her subtraction of numbers. Apparently when the student was borrowing numbers, she was adding 10 to the number instead of 1. It was an easy fix, but how did she get to 6th grade making such an … Continue reading

Struggling Vs. Dyslexic Readers

Struggling Vs. Dyslexic Readers Yes, there is a difference between the two, but most of the time these students are lumped together into one category as if all interventions will be the same for them. Why not? It’s easier, right? But unfortunately the job of intervening and moving students forward with their reading is all … Continue reading

Silent Sustained Reading: Why It Works

Silent sustained reading or SSR, otherwise known as DEAR (Drop Everything And Read), etc., has received a bit of bad press recently both from the International Reading Association and the National Reading Panel. According to the experts, after years of research, there has been not one study that supports the supposed positive effects of SSR. I believe … Continue reading

The Most Basic Reading Skill: Tracking

This is my quick tip of the week. You can also listen to this podcast on and, iTunes, or SoundCloud. Episode 1: The Most Basic Reading Skill: Tracking. Tracking is the ability to read from left to right and match the sounds of words to the actual word. As a reading specialist, I see … Continue reading

Submerged in Work!

I’ve been submerged in work, which is a good thing; however, this has not left me much time to write posts. I’m heading into finishing up my second year of being in business and I have learned so much both as a teacher and as a businesswoman. I have made breakthroughs and made mistakes but they … Continue reading

Quick Post: Excellent Method for Teaching Spelling Words!

3+3 And You Can Read: Easy Comprehension Activities for Families

As a reading specialist and tutor, I make sure that I provide parents with activities they can use with their children to reinforce good reading. It’s very important to provide simple, yet pithy assignments in between sessions so that children are constantly reading. A recent study has shown that in the course of a school … Continue reading

Quick Post: Dislecksia, The Movie

The much acclaimed comedic documentary Dislecksia will be shown at Mercyhurst University at the Taylor Little Theatre on November 9th at 2:15 pm and 7:15 pm. Check out the links for more information!

Severe Reading Problems–Don’t Teach More of the Same Thing

Recently I was reading an article from a well-known educator’s website that promotes reading. Though the organization is not a research-based one, it claimed that NO special interventions should be needed for dyslexic children. They just simply need more of the same thing their peers are getting, but in a different format. Oh … is … Continue reading