About Ann

I have a keen interest in current research and trends in treating dyslexia because I have worked with many students who have not been identified with this learning disablity because of a flawed education system. Not all students who struggle with reading have dyslexia. This is an actual diagnosis one receives from a psychologist who uses the DSMR–IV as a guide to diagnose this disability. It usually takes between 10 and 12 tests in order to get a firm dyslexia diagnosis. Diagnosing is the easy part–there is very little research about the treatment of the disorder. In general teachers stumble in the dark using best practices and whatever other research is out there to teach adults and children how to read. While these methods help to a degree, they don’t specifically target dyslexia.

I’m a reading specialist who has worked with adults and children for around ten years in both the public and private sector.




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