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Submerged in Work!


I’ve been submerged in work, which is a good thing; however, this has not left me much time to write posts. I’m heading into finishing up my second year of being in business and I have learned so much both as a teacher and as a businesswoman. I have made breakthroughs and made mistakes but they were all equally important on the journey.

What I’ve Learned: The Important Stuff

  • The customer is always your number one priority. Cultivating and building working relationships with people should take up a substantial amount of your time. Otherwise, you might as well not be in business.

  • With that said, it’s important to know when to release a customer into the wild, and when to let a customer go if they are sapping the life out of your business.

  • Customers need guidance. Too much flexibility or choices confuse them. They want you to help them make decisions.

  • Find supportive people. Running a business is tough work. That’s why it’s important to find people who support you emotionally. Everyone needs a cheering section!

  • Finding good people to work for you is HARD, HARD work! I now understand why employers dread the entire hiring process.

  • Always talk to references. People share more information than you’d like to hear, but they also give insight into a person’s character not only but what they say, but what they DON’T say!

  • Don’t get drowned in self-doubt, second guesses, and paranoia.

  • Watch what you say both in public AND private. Your words may haunt you!

  • Invest wisely in what matters most to your business.

  • Take time to make educated, well-researched decisions. Always trust your gut too. If you have a bad feeling about anything–explore it.

  • Learn to say “NO” and learn how to set boundaries.

  • Empower your employees to be excellent and promote good behaviors and teaching methods. When employees are happy you get excellent results.

  • Control freaks can sap the life out of a company. Avoid them at all costs.

  • Always be aware of your competition, but don’t obsess about them. If you are spending too much time trying to outdo your competition, then you’re not spending enough time doing your personal best and following your own vision.

  • Create structure, but be flexible.

  • Take time to relax. I’m finally starting to learn to balance my time, but it’s a learning process as with anything in life. Getting plenty of sleep, eating well, and having fun help you to be more creative and to handle stress.

  • If you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up. Learn from it and move on.

  • Remember that everyone you meet has a story. Be compassionate and not judgmental.

  • If you’re not laughing or having a good time at your job … you’re doing something wrong!

  • Pinch your money so hard between your fingers that you can feel the fibers of the bill. Money shouldn’t fall out of your hands easily.

  • Reward your employees for going the extra mile. Not everyone does the same quality of work.

  • Make sure your employees have all the materials to do their job. Don’t be stingy with supplies and materials.

  • Keep negativity at bay. Banish it from your work place and even the parking lot!

  • Always send thank you notes to people who have helped you in some way. For example, making a referral.

  • Always be gracious to everyone.

  • Educate, educate, educate your employees. No one likes feeling anxious about not being able to do something or not knowing a procedure. Eliminate that stuff and your employees will perform better.

  • Always listen carefully to customers and their stories. You may be the first person to ever spend time listening to their situation. Consider it an honor.

  • Make sure to acknowledge siblings of tutees–they have needs too.

  • Remember special holidays and milestones of clients. Send cards or emails.

  • Make learning exciting. Students should always be trying to figure out what you have up your sleeve.

  • Have high standards for everyone–but most of all yourself.

  • Your marketing materials must always be top-notch.

  • Make sure you have solid referral team to help families with other issues.

  • Don’t procrastinate with unpleasant tasks.

  • Try to get as much affordable help as you can.

  • Seek out the advice from people who specialize in certain areas.

  • Always keep reading to stay on top of your field. Then read some more.

  • Continue educating yourself no matter what level you are in your career.

  • Make sure your office areas are roomy, tidy and clean. Your surroundings should be pleasant and comfortable.

  • Research and keep track of your marketing strategies. If you’re not getting referrals from a source… drop it. It’s not working.

  • Keep notebooks or thinkbooks about ideas, to do lists, or other information. This helps you keep your focus.

  • Rely on as much technology as you can to make your job as efficient as possible. But don’t use it just for the sake of using it ….

  • Building good relationships with professionals in other fields helps to expand the scope of your business and may open some doors to other services you can provide.

  • Count your blessings every day.

This isn’t everything!! But it sure is a long list. I’d love to hear from other people who have started their own business and can describe what they have learned in the process.

More reading posts to come …


About Ann Gavazzi

Reading specialist and English teacher with a particular interest in treatment of dyslexia. Also interested in education and education policy at large and current reading research. Owner of the Reading Innovations Center, a tutoring center that specializes in one-to-one tutoring for struggling readers and math students.


One thought on “Submerged in Work!

  1. I like reading an article that can make people think. Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment!

    Posted by Monique | September 30, 2014, 8:14 pm

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