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Dyslexia Diagnosis

Quick Post: Book Share–Phonics and Word Study for Struggling Readers

Looking for decodable texts for your older struggling readers? Those books and resources are hard to find … but this book has it all. Phonics and Word Study for Struggling Readers Grades 4-6 has been a great resource for me when working with struggling or dyslexic readers. It provides decodeable text targeting phonics patterns and vowel/letter combinations. The stories are interesting and not babyish so they appeal to students at the 4th grade level and beyond. It’s a great way for students to practice reading words with target phonics letter/sound patterns, and it also has an array of reinforcement activities for homework or follow-up after lessons. It’s a great addition to any phonics program, and the National Reading Panel recommends that decodable text should be a part of any sound phonics program. Click on the picture or linked text, and they will take you to The price is right!


About Ann Gavazzi

Reading specialist and English teacher with a particular interest in treatment of dyslexia. Also interested in education and education policy at large and current reading research. Owner of the Reading Innovations Center, a tutoring center that specializes in one-to-one tutoring for struggling readers and math students.


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